We wait for your visit, you're welcome in Limoux (southern France!)

Every year, from January to March, the longest carnival in the world is in Limoux every weekend, Place de la République. Let the party begin!


They are about thirty bands to work, for a long time, for the great day of their show: Preparing the script of the morning parad, laughing about a topical subject, masks, hats and the costumes of Pierrot, collecting reeds that become “carabènes”, creating the “entorches” that illuminate the evening show, each meeting has to do with sharing the specific tradition and know-how.

Here, there are not long parades or spectacular floats. Instead, carnival clubs mix with the spectators, like a street theatre, in a rhythmic comedy that illuminates the smiling faces to the rhythm of the ‘chine’. Confetti has replaced flour but the impertinence remains, the spice is in exchanges: invitations to dance and a waltz of witticisms.